The Gallatin and Madison ranges are some of the wildest places left in the continental United States.

The Gallatin Forest Partnership is protecting everything that makes them special.

Without strong and definitive protections, we are at imminent risk of losing what makes the Madison and Gallatin Ranges so remarkable.

Nearby communities are experiencing rapid population growth thanks to a robust economy and a desire to live near our public lands. More people enjoying the Gallatin and Madison ranges means we need to act quickly to ensure these lands stay healthy for generations to come, which in turn will keep our communities and economy healthy.

The Gallatin Forest Partnership protects the lands you love. For everyone.

Hallmarks of the Gallatin Forest Partnership Agreement include:

  • Water and Wildlife

    The agreement incorporates new land protections – including wilderness – that will safeguard clean water, ensure safe passage for wildlife, and maintain intact forests.

  • Recreation

    The proposal maintains existing recreation opportunities in the Gallatin and Madison ranges while limiting new development, meaning future generations can explore the same wild spaces that we enjoy now.

  • Collaboration

    The Gallatin Forest Partnership agreement is a grassroots proposal created by people living in communities near the Gallatin and Madison ranges.

  • Community

    These lands are vital to the quality of life of those who live in surrounding communities. The community-led proposal has wide support from local businesses, individuals, elected officials and nonprofits alike.

Looking for information on the Gallatin Forest Partnership’s new legislation? Check out the Greater Yellowstone Conservation and Recreation Act here.